Friday, February 12, 2010

Spontaneous Me

I can't believe that tomorrow is my flight bound to Shanghai! Yipee! Right now I'm having mixed emotions - excited, nervous and sad. I would be really happy if the husband will join me on my trip. Tsk! Too late for us to book another flight for him for tomorrow.

Definitely next time he will be part of the trip ;) Let's see...I have a lot of places on my list that I want to visit. Which one will be the next???

On a different note, when I get back here in Manila, I will be busy planning for my dear husband's birthday! He doesn't want to celebrate it but of course knowing me, I wouldn't let that day just pass by like ordinary days. I enjoy celebrating my birthday and I love being happy on my birthday so I want the same thing for hubby regardless if he objects =P Nothing fancy or extravagant. Just simply spending quality time with each other after being far apart for a week (cheesy!).

Hmmm...We haven't watched Avatar yet (surprise?!) so definitely that one will be part of his birthday itinerary. Then I have coupons from my Belle de Jour Planner that I can use for discounts and freebies when we dine outside. I only need to choose which restaurants to go to. The White Hat will definitely part of the celebration. Thank goodness for the buy one get one coupon healthy yogurt treat ;)  Sonja's Cupcakes will be present as well. My only worry is I need to go in Serendra which is a little off Makati. Maybe I should do it after his birthday....hehehehe. Oh boy, I can't wait to see the expression of my husband's face on what I have in store for him on his birthday.

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