Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reading the Lines of Romance on your Hand

Since February is considered the LOVE month, let's talk about Romance and Relationships and that is right in the palm of our very own hands ;)

I just got this article from World of Feng Shui and decided to share it with you. I'm not saying if there is such a truth behind the lines but well, you'd be the better judge of that.


The heart line runs horizontally across the upper palm, surrounding the mounts of Mercury, Apollo, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This line indicates the strength of emotions, quality of relationships, timing of important relationships such as marriages and love affairs and whether these relationships bring happiness or heartache.

Ideally, the heart line should be clear and without breaks This kind of lines suggests someone who will be the dominant partner in a relationship. Breaks in this line spell broken relationships, while islands along this line spell tragedies of a broken heart.

Little lines that branch out above the heart line going upwards indicate strong and happy relationships, while lines that branch out below the heart line are said to be less fortunate. Secondary lines also indicate how busy a social life you have.

The relationship lines by the side of the palm indicate serious relationships and some read these as marriage lines. The stronger and longer these lines are, the better.

When relationship lines are missing, it suggests a difficulty in getting married, while several lines here indicate several love relationships. Two equally strong lines suggest two marriages. These are the generalizations in palm indications of your love life. 

Additional indications revealed by the heart line can be found here.


Kero said...

i know you won't be spending Vday with you hubby but i still wish both of you a lovely valentines Day -- online =)

Ashley said...

I just stared at that diagram and my palm for 10 minutes! ha.
Mine mostly looks like the picture! good thing?