Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ni Hao Ma

Hello everyone! Sorry if there's not much of an update on my blog. Technically some sites here in China are blocked including blogger and the famous social networking sites. I'm only using a proxy server for the time being in order to steal a post of one or two ;)

The weather here is a big surprise for me! I'm used to the rainy and sunny weather of Manila. The temperature here is below 5 degrees celsius! Yesterday it even reached negative one and we are outside the comfort's of my sister's flat. Shaghai is a big city and one week is not enough to visit their tourist spots. Why I came to that conclusion? So far we only accomplished four (4)  of the places we have to visit that my sister listed down. Friday night I will be leaving the city to go back to Manila. Where the time go?

Anyways, I will post more entries about this place once I get back. Expect loads of stories and pictures ;) 


thet said...

ang taray sis...uwi ka ng snow..peste ung gmail....napunta ang email mo sa spam..sayang ang trench coat te... grrr!

Amelia said...

Hen Hao Jo :)