Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giveaway Contest from Ashley

That's right! Ashley is giving away some cool items in celebration of her 300th post in her blog :) Hopefully I can do some contests of my own...that is once I have enough funds on my Paypal account or how about after my China trip? Let's see what happens.

Anyways, the contest rule is plain simple. You just have to leave a comment here and you can also ask her a question if you want.

Need more convincing? Alright, let me show you the items up for grabs!

* 2 Reusable Bags from Home Goods (colored pink, violet and black)
* 1 reusable fold-up bag (pink)
* 1 Amazon Gift Card ($10)
* Green Team (Mango flavored)
* L'oreal Mascara
* Estee Lauder Eye Make-up Remover
* Yankee Candle (Lavender Vanilla Tart)
* MAC Plushglass in Bountiful (Lip Gloss)
* NH made Maple Syrup
* New England Spice Rub for Seafood and Veggies

That's a lot of goodies right? So why don't you send her some love right now.
Contest ends on February 8, 2010 ;)

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