Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Ready

I have to start packing the things that I will bring this weekend to Shanghai. As per my sister advise, I need to bring clothes that will keep me warm since it's still winter season in the city. I am looking forward of finding a pair of boots on the shops there. It will still come in handy here in Manila when it's rainy season...hehehehe. The boots sold here in Manila are still pricey (in my opinion though).

Bought two pieces of turtleneck long sleeve blouses from Terranova last Saturday and it only cost Php 299 each! I was able to get the nice colors too. Good thing I decided right then and there to get it.

The husband keeps reminding me that once I get there I have to make myself online on Yahoo Messenger every night so we can talk (chat). Awww...he will surely miss me for one week...and I will miss him too.

1 comment:

Kerslyn said...

good for you sis!

hay kung ako rin, emo talaga si Ace pag iiwan. sa Cebu nga lang ako ng ilang araw, super emote na. how much more kapag abroad na.LOL