Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 1: World Expo Exhibit 2010 (Part 2)

On the 3rd floor of the exhibit it shows the planning projects for the World Expo 2010 which by the way will happen in May. They even have some miniature models of the different architectures from other countries.


Artificial plants used to create this beautiful background. It has the logo of World Expo 2010 with Haibao :)

Miniature model of the World Expo Exhibit site

Bird's eye view of Shanghai. When you look closely you will noticed a red border line that serves as a division of the city. I was able to see that line when I was on board on the plane going back to Manila. As my sister told me, the city of Shanghai was well planned by the government when it comes to it's structures, construction, etc.

This will be the China Pavilion for the World Expo Exhibit. My sister said that the construction for this structure already started and in progress.

This one is so futuristic and looks like a UFO spaceship...hehehehe. I'm not sure is this is a Science Museum. I forgot what building it is.

Huangpu River in the midst of Shanghai City (miniature model)

My sister took a photo of the Malaysia Pavilion. When you see it in actual, it is very unique and Asian. I wonder how it looks like when it's already build.

You will be amazed on how they did this diorama of the whole Shanghai. I can't help but exclaimed over and over again that the city is huge!

Semi-top view of the diorama

Another view of the diorama

The last floor which is the 4th floor, boasts the future plans of Shanghai and it's mission to be one of the Eco-friendly city in the world despite it's rapid economic progress. During my stay there, I noticed that there are a lot of trees on the streets compared to Manila. Furthermore, the streets are clean.

Shanghai's mission today and for the future

Top view of the Shanghai diorama from the 4th floor. I told you that the city is big.

First half of Shanghai Airport (miniature model)

Second-half portion of Shanghai Airport

My sister told me that the city's airport is massive. I'm not sure which of those two parts are the ones that are already build but I agree with my sister that it's really spacious. If it will be compared to NAIA's Terminal 3, ours will be 1/4 of the size of their airport (no kidding).

UP NEXT: Day 1: ERA (Intersection of Time) - it's the most talked about acrobatic/circus show in the city. As they say, you miss Shanghai when you miss seeing this show ;)


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