Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 1: World Expo Exhibit 2010 (Part 1)

As promised, here is the continuation of my Shanghai vacation.

February 14 (Sunday) - It's Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. The weather forecast for that day however is not fit for the two celebrations. It's going to be a rainy Sunday.Ugh! So my sister decided for us to visit anything that is indoor in Shaghai. I was thinking of the Shaghai Museum but my sister told me that she got feedbacks from her officemates and they say that it's the typical museum that displays the arts, artifacts, culture, history, etc. of Shanghai. So my sister cancel it out from our itinerary. Instead we went to the World Expo 2010 Exhibit located in Nanjing Road. World Expo has been a tradition of international fairs and expositions and for this year it will be held in Shanghai.

We hurriedly went inside since a drizzle of rain started to pour down and the temperature is not comforting at all.The cost of the entrance fee was at 30 RBM (Yuan). If it will be coverted to pesos, multiply by 6.7 which is Php 201 per head. It was 10:30am when we arrived. At first, we thought that the buildin is closed since it's a holiday but to our delight, it is open.There were only a few people inside when we enter the exhibit premises. Here are some pics to gave you an idea on how it looks inside:

 The screen above shows the ad (I think) for the World Expo Exhibit. Honestly I didn't pay much attention...hehehehe.

View of the ground floor from the second floor. You will notice a blue character on the left side of the picture. That is HAIBAO, the official Shanghai mascot for this year's World Expo Exhibit. On the center is the famous buildings found in Shanghai. 


Now let's move on the the 2nd floor where they have different photos of what Shanghai looks like in the early 90's. They even have a comparison photos of the past and present. It will show you how far Shanghai had achieved to be a progressive city that it is today.

At the background, you will see different photos of the buildings and streets of Old Shanghai. Before, the Huangpu river is very visible unlike today. Different establishments surrounds the river and kudos to the people there, you won't see any form of garbage floating in Huangpu :)

If I'm not mistaken, the backdrop picture is the glimpse of Central Shanghai where the Bund is located. See the plain fields on the lower part of the backdrop? 

These racks held the "before" and "after" photos of Shanghai. You have to  pull each one of them from the side of the box. 

A miniature version of the famous Yuyuan Garden located in the center of the Old City next to Chenghuangmiao. The garden is considered one of the most lavish and finest garden in Shanghai. No worries, I have pictures of the garden to be posted soon ;)

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Gracie said...

i hope to see Shanghai soon. looks like you had a blast :)