Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Arriving in China

This is a late post but there's nothing much I can do since the blogging websites and social networking sites in China are all blocked. Now I'm swamp wiht pictures and stories about my Shanghai rendezvous.

My flight in Cebu Pacific was 8:20pm last February 13. Hubby and I are already on NAIA Terminal 3 at 6:10pm. I didn't hurriedly go inside since I know that we have a lot of time. I was having mixed emotions during that moment - nervous, excited, scared and sad. Nervous since I have no idea on what to expect when I arrived in Shanghai. Excited to see my sister and for the sight-seeing adventures we will experienced together. Scared since I will be flying alone and sad because the hubby will be left in Manila. 

Hubby is encouraging me to go inside the airport so as not to be late. I was really sad when I saw him standing waiting for me to emabrk on my journey. Sigh! Call me OA or whatever but that's what I felt and I just can't imagine what more will be our reaction if one of us decided to work abroad. That means a longer period of not seeing each other! Erase, erase the thought.

Back to my story. So there I was in the Terminal 3 where I finally went inside to check-in my baggage and pay the travel tax. After which I have to go back to the check-in counter to get my board pass. Then I went on to the cashier to pay for the travel tax (sigh! so many taxes you have to pay here).  I headed to the immigration where the guy on the counter is being arrogant (sort of) or his enjoying himself being an a******e for asking an authenticated invitation letter from my sister! He even suggested to have my sister faxed the letter in their office. WTH?! It's Saturday and it's nearing 7pm for goodness! Anyways, he let me through despite the hassle and harassing me with with his words. Obviously his making a good time out of me. Geeze!

We boarded the plane 15mins earlier than expected. 3 hours and 10-15 minutes is the estimated traveling time. I find it too long. After 30 minutes on board, the crew held a Bring Me game. I didn't participate since I have no energy and enthusiasm. Good thing that my seatmates on the plane happens to be a Filipino as well. A mother and son. We chatted for half an hour before I took a nap. When I woke up, I still have an hour left to entertain myself. So I just flipped through Cebu Pacific's magazine and before I knew it we are arriving in Shanghai airport.

As soon as our plane landed and steady to a halt, I immediately opened my mobile to see the sms of my sister. She's already waiting for me in 2A Gate. The passengers on our flight get passed through the airport's quarantine then to the immigration. Then lastly to the baggage counter. As soon as I get mine, I hurriedly went for the exit to where my sister is waiting. So happy to see her. She's all bundled up for the weather outside. Along with her is a cab driver who volunteered himself to take us back to my sister's place. His the same driver that my sister got to bring her to the airport. It was 5 minutes nearing 12 midnight and as we cruise along the highway, we can see fireworks in the air! It's like seeing different fountain of colors. Too bad I didn't get the camera to capture all of it. It was a fascinating sight. It was a 45 minutes travel from the airport to my sister's flat. It started to drizzle with rain with a bit of a snow regardless that didn't prevent the Chinese peeps in lighting firecrackers to celebrate the New Year including the guards on the Yanlord gate (condominium compound where my sister lives along with her two other officemates).

It was really cold when we got out of the taxi. The clothes that I brought will definitely be a no match on the weather. It's nearing 1 am when we arrived. I changed clothes while my sister and I are exchanging stories. I think we slept at around 3am and we have to wake up early to start our escapade.

I woke up at 6am. I'm not sure why but I just woke up. I peeked through my sister's bedroom glass window and here's what I saw:



After an hour....


It's a thin layer of snow outside. After 2 hours, it's all gone. When my sister woke up she immediately checked the weather on that day. It seems that it will be raining and no sun will be visible. We opted to visit museums or exhibits...anything that is indoor as we don't want to waste the day just staying inside the flat. So we get into action to get ready for the day!


ladyviral said...

so there were snow?! Nice! But sadly it was gone after 2 hours? I love the shots...

Amelia said...

thanks for sharing Jo :) and nice photos...post more on facebook :)

Kero said...

more more! Shanghai looks really prosperous!

welcome back!