Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm aghast! My other blog is suspended. I'm not exactly sure why. Yesterday I was able to post an entry and everything is working a-okay. But today is a different story. When I typed the URL of my blog it comes up with "Account Suspended". When I try to log-in to access my blog entries and stuff, it gives me the same message. As far as I know I didn't post anything illegal or any profanity words on my blog entries so why the suspension?

I'm now talking to a chat support representative of Namecheap hoping to find an answer.

I've sent an email as well to Wordpress and I hope I can hear from them soon.

I want my blog back! Sniff!

UPDATE (time stamped- 1:45pm) - My other blog is up and running! Thanks to the help of Kerslyn and the Namecheap support. Now I am back to my happy me!

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