Friday, January 8, 2010

Places to See in Shanghai

Yesterday when it's nearing the end of my shift, my sister emailed me and sent me this website Explore Shanghai for the different places/sites I want to check out in the city.

When I opened the website it gives me this map of the different train routes along the city and on the next tab is the name of the different places in Shanghai. I was overwhelmed by the names that I decided to do a search of my own.

So far according to other tourists who have visited the city, here are their
recommended must-see places that one should not miss:

The Bund - this busy waterfront is the image that most people see when thinking of Shanghai. From The Bund, you can see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, a statue of Marshall Chen Yi, and a large mural. The Bund is especially beautiful as seen at night from the Huangpu River.

Jade Buddha Temple - located in the western part of Shanghai, the Jade Buddha Temple is something that all visitors should see. It was build more than 100 years ago to house two relics: jade Buddha statues. Today, it is a tranquil place and a popular tourist destination that houses a number of relics.

Nanjing Road - this is the most well known shopping street in Shanghai, and if you are into fashion and looking for something to take home with you from your vacation, then you will want to stop here. The road is nearly three and a half miles long and is full of shops and specialty stores of every ilk, as well as cafes and hotels.

Shanghai Museum - there is no better way to learn about the history of the city than to take a trip to the Shanghai Museum, located in the People’s Square in the heart of the city. The building is ultra modern, and is filled with treasures and artwork from China’s past. Anyone visiting the museum will come away with a renewed appreciation of the nation’s history.

Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar - Nice place, covered with typical Chinese architecture, with lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Stays open until late night gathering Chinese and foreign tourists.
Lujiazui / Pudong - Situated within the Pudong Park in Lujiazui, in the Pudong New Area, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower which is 468 meters high.

Xin Tian Di - the old Shikumen residential area near "Zhonggong yidahuizhi" (site of the 1st National Congress of the Communist Party) is probably the most successful example of Shanghai's city planning department's urban renewal effort. The final scale of this project is to include restaurants, offices, residents, and shopping centres.

Zhou Zhuang - the flat countryside around Shanghai contains numerous "water" villages. The most famous of these, Zhouzhuang, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a picturesque town of cobblestone streets, narrow canals and stone bridges.

I just hope that we can visit all these places next month with my sister! Apart from that my tour dates coincides with the Chinese New Year celebration! I bet my trip will be full of color and festivities. I wish I had a SLR camera to capture the moments. Hehehehe.


AEC said...

wow, have fun over there! I'd love to visit Shanghai too. :)

Ashley said...

lOOKS like it will be SUCH a fun trip...filled with lots of things to see! I wish I had an SLR camera too!!
Still..take lots of pictures with the camera you have and share with us after! :)

jenlee said...

hope I can visit Shanghai this year!:) How was your trip?