Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Contest

Happy 2010 everyone! I'm still wanting to have a long vacation. But that will come next month ;) I still need to process a few papers before I can finalize my China travel.
On a different note, one blogger is giving ayaw this cool Kérastase minis set! This is his first online contest for 2010! sweet of him. Lucky winner will own this :


Look at those goodies!

Time for hair pampering!

HairinManila is the one who is giving away this set. If you want to join simply visit his site :)

I will be crossing my fingers and hopefully lady luck is with me!


Birdie said...

Hey Joanne :) Good luck with the contest! By the way, I'm a guy :p hahaha - Birdie from HairInManila

Unknown said...

Hi Birdie! Thanks for the clarifications :)

Changed it to his and him ;)