Friday, January 29, 2010

My Thoughts on Automated Election

Sorry if I was not able to post anything yesterday as I have my hands tied up of work. Now I can simply take a few minutes break before going home and of course put something here just to let you know that I'm still active :)

For this week, local news and newspapers featured the very first automated election here in the Philippines. Coincidentally, it will be my first time to vote...hehehehe. Same with the husband. Thanks to COMELEC in Makati they decided to visit our Barangay Hall last June of 2009. It was convenient for us to simply file our voter's application form. Now I'm still waiting for our voter's ID. Maybe I should make a follow-up call next week to our Barangay Hall's office.

Anyways, the voting process will be different compared to the days that we are accustomed to. When I was a student we also have voting process for student council similar to national voting. Now, it will be fully computerized just like in the US. Instead of writing the names of the candidates, all you have to do is shade the radial button right next to the politician’s names. It's like NSAT back in my high school days! =P

The problem is that the voting sheet is longer since all the names of the candidates running for national and local will be there. Now I wonder if I can use a pentel pen to simply shade the buttons. All you need is one tiny dot mark from the pen and voila! The circle will be fully shaded! What do you think? Is it okay to use a pentel pen on the Election Day???

UPDATE (Date and Time Stamp- February 3, 2010 @ 5:03pm): Last night when I was watching the news I saw an event in the province of Abra (North Luzon) where they did a dry-run test on the automated machine with the participation of the locals. To my suprise, they are using pentel pen or markers to shade the radial buttons on the voter's sheet! Now surely, voting will be really much easier than before.

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