Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My IKEA Style is...


In case the writings in the photo are a little bit small to read, here are the details about the result of the quiz that I took in IKEA's website:

You can't apply one style like a blanket. We suggest a combination of styles and values to create the look you want. Remember to use details, textures or textiles, to let your personality shine through.

Mix and match these options to create a truly unique business space. Make business personal again.

Ouch! And I thought that I have a flare for interior designing (LOL) based on the Sims 3 games that I played. Too bad I was not able to get screen shots of the houses that I created plus the furnishings. I know I can impress the IKEA people with my creative mind. Hahahahaha!


Kero said...

Ikea may be know for their home furnishings but as a family, it is one of our favorite place to dine. Their organic and affordable and delicious meals are superb!

Newlyweds Guide Francesca said...

I'm sure your style is perfectly fine. IKEA just wants you to feel the need to buy all that stuff.