Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's the First

Meaning it's the first time for me to bake! Last December 31 (or is it January 1?) my aunt and I decided to bake some brownies to celebrate the New Year.

Of course I was more than willing to do everything myself since I was excited to try my hands on baking. Can you tell that I am so eager just by writing this in my blog? Hehehehe.

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix package

I just follow the instructions on the back of the brownie box.
As far as I can remember there is a butter and eggs on this mixer together with the brownie.

Looking good, eh?!

The mixture in a baking pan ready to pop in an oven.

There is my baked goodie! I wish I own an oven like this...
Dear aunt can you hear me? Hehehehe

Fresh from the oven

My younger cousin suggested to put M&Ms on top of the brownie to make it colorful.

So how am I going to rate my experience in baking the first time...Well it's around 3.5 to 4 out of 5. The side portion of the brownie got overcooked (almost burned) thus it tastes bitter but the middle portion tastes really good! I made a mistake of checking the mixture. I should have poked a toothpick in the center not in the side to make sure that it's well done. Oh well, that's one lesson I've learned and also it pays to read the instructions carefully.

I hope I can bake another one next time...when will it be? I have no idea :)

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