Friday, January 15, 2010

Chinese Visa Application

For those who will visit Mainland China in the future, here are the requirements needed by their consulate/embassy:

* Certificate of Employment


* Company ID


* Invitation or Sponsorhsip Letter from a friend or relative working in China
* Bank Certificate

* Valid Passport
* Roundtrip Air Fare Ticket

* Application Form
* ID picture (either 2x2 or passport size)

The requirements I mentioned above are based on first-timers like me.

On my case, I don't have SSS ID thus they suggest that I present them with my E1 form or SSS Contributions. I also don't have a TIN ID thus they asked me for an ITR.

Next week, I will be accomplishing the ITR and the bank certificate. It seems that even though you have a relative working in China, you still need to present them a bank certificate. It's either you present them your bank certificate or your sponsor does.

This time I decided to go through an agency to process my Chinese Tourist Visa application since I don't have enough time to go to their embassy and fall in line. I just hope that the documents I will present them are enough to grant me a single-entry visa.

Fingers cross!


Anonymous said...

If you are considering living in China, a friend of mine has recently moved to Beijing. His experiences are at

ruther said...

te..bili ka ng mga fasyon na outfit sa china..if my wool coat, buyla mo naman kita :D

san kau this valentines? :D

Arlene said...

Hi Joanne, am wondering if they really ask for show money even if you have a round trip ticket presented?

am contemplating of vacationing this year (hopefully) and it's not my first time to get in there although this will be my first time in tourist visa.

well, good luck on the trip. am sure you will enjoy the visit but brace yourself for the cold. HOpefully shanghai will not be so cold around this time of the year.

happy trip and xin nian kuie le!