Friday, January 15, 2010

Chinese Visa Application

For those who will visit Mainland China in the future, here are the requirements needed by their consulate/embassy:

* Certificate of Employment


* Company ID


* Invitation or Sponsorhsip Letter from a friend or relative working in China
* Bank Certificate

* Valid Passport
* Roundtrip Air Fare Ticket

* Application Form
* ID picture (either 2x2 or passport size)

The requirements I mentioned above are based on first-timers like me.

On my case, I don't have SSS ID thus they suggest that I present them with my E1 form or SSS Contributions. I also don't have a TIN ID thus they asked me for an ITR.

Next week, I will be accomplishing the ITR and the bank certificate. It seems that even though you have a relative working in China, you still need to present them a bank certificate. It's either you present them your bank certificate or your sponsor does.

This time I decided to go through an agency to process my Chinese Tourist Visa application since I don't have enough time to go to their embassy and fall in line. I just hope that the documents I will present them are enough to grant me a single-entry visa.

Fingers cross!
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