Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 Minute

I forgot to post my experience about renewing my NBI clearance. Last week I decided to renew my expired clearance since I'm preparing the necessary documents I needed for my Chinese Tourist Visa application.

I went to the nearest NBI satellite office which is in Park Square Makati. It was 5pm and I was in a hurry since I have no idea what time they will be closing. There were two people who are lined up on the booth. I'm the next customer in line.

Step 1: Paid the NBI clearance (Php115.oo). The staff will ask you if it's for local employment or travel abroad.
Step 2: Having your picture taken.
Step 3: Editing the information on your NBI. They will ask you if there's a change of address, etc.
Step 4: Wait for the printout.
Step 5: Thumbmark
Step 6: Paid additional Php 20.00 for the packet size brown envelope to put your NBI clearance and a piece of wet wipes for your dirty right and left thumb.

I didn't mind the extra cost since everything happened so fast! All these steps in 1 minute. I am suprised! For the very first time in my life, I got a fast service from the government...Sweet.


Gracie said...

wow, that's impressive! good for you, sis!

The Fab and The Furious said...

thanks for this post, sis! i'm going to renew my nbi clearance as well and i was planning to do it tomorrow. since you mentioned the kiosk is still open at 5, i'll be able to make it 'coz i get out at 4. :)