Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 Minute

I forgot to post my experience about renewing my NBI clearance. Last week I decided to renew my expired clearance since I'm preparing the necessary documents I needed for my Chinese Tourist Visa application.

I went to the nearest NBI satellite office which is in Park Square Makati. It was 5pm and I was in a hurry since I have no idea what time they will be closing. There were two people who are lined up on the booth. I'm the next customer in line.

Step 1: Paid the NBI clearance (Php115.oo). The staff will ask you if it's for local employment or travel abroad.
Step 2: Having your picture taken.
Step 3: Editing the information on your NBI. They will ask you if there's a change of address, etc.
Step 4: Wait for the printout.
Step 5: Thumbmark
Step 6: Paid additional Php 20.00 for the packet size brown envelope to put your NBI clearance and a piece of wet wipes for your dirty right and left thumb.

I didn't mind the extra cost since everything happened so fast! All these steps in 1 minute. I am suprised! For the very first time in my life, I got a fast service from the government...Sweet.
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