Thursday, December 17, 2009


There are a lot of things happening tomorrow. Let me enumerate them:

First, its PJ and Aisah's wedding which they prepared for a year. I'll be going to a salon for a foot spa with pedi and have my hair and make-up done since it will be a formal affair and I will be part of the offertory. I don't want to be under dress for the occasion. Excuses, excuses...hehehe. It will also serve as a ME time ;)

Second, my sister will be coming home from China for a two-week vacation! Yey! I missed her so much. I'm still thinking of a gift to give her, she deserves it :)

Third, it's our company's Christmas party to be held in the vacant space inside our office but I'm not going to attend since I will be in Aisah's wedding.

So there, three events in one day. Saturday and Sunday I will be pretty busy as well as I have to attend a dinner and a birthday party respectively. Whew! I can't wait for my vacation to start soon. I need a break!

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carlamaldita said...

daming activities ah... hectic talaga pag xmas noh?