Friday, December 4, 2009

TJ's First Birthday

Last Sunday (November 29) a fellow blogger, W@Wie and N@Wie whose name is Thet invited me to be a part of her son's first birthday party. Originally it was set to September but due to the continuous visit of typhoons and storm they had no choice but to set it aside and move it to another date. The birthday theme is Sponge Bob so there are a lot of yellows everywhere =P

Thet told me that the birthday party starts at 2:30pm and it will be held in a clubhouse in her in-laws village in Noveleta Cavite. Since I'm not aware of the traveling time from Manila going to Noveleta I decided to get there early.

I fetch first my youngest sister in my parent's home in ParaƱaque before riding a bus bound to Cavite City. The husband didn't go with me since his still asleep.

The travel time is quicker than I expected and we arrived in the clubhouse 2:20pm. Thet is busy giving instructions while the others are setting up the decorations, balloons, loot items, etc for the birthday boy.

While waiting for the party to start, Thet invited us in her in-laws house which is near the clubhouse. A lot of peeps are bustling in and out of the house for the preparation. TJ is lucky to have a very supportive family who loves him dearly ;)

The party starts around 4-4:30pm. Guests start to arrive one by one. The host of the program is there as well. His prepping up the kids and adults for the party to start.

My sister took the time to enjoy the face painting service on the party and here is her photo:

(Yeah, I know she looks a lot like me....hehehehe)

The host is very good. I enjoy myself considering that it's a children's party. There are a lot of games and giveaways. My sister is too shy to join the games so she's happily contented watching the magic and puppet shows. This is the first time I saw a puppet of Superman...ahahahaha!

On the latter portion of the program, the host welcomes the three valuable guests that when the kids and adults alike saw them, they all got rowdy...hehehehe.

Kudos to Thet for throwing a great party! Till next time! :)

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