Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lack of Sleep

Hello everyone! As Christmas day nears a lot of people are cramming and bustling in and out of the malls and I'm one of them.

I still have a few(?) things that I need to buy to complete my Christmas list. I was thinking of buying some of them later after office.

I only manage to have 5-6 hours of sleep today and now I can feel my eyelids getting heavier by the second. I was giving the husband a pep talk last night about buying the things we need in the grocery. The supermarket near our house is holding a 10-20% discount on some grocery items from 10pm-2am yesterday thus I told hubby to go there so we can spend less. We managed to get a discount of almost US$2 (Php 80+).

Aside from the pep talk, I also started fixing and arranging our clutter little by little. I want to celebrate Christmas in a clean and organized home. We even put up new curtains in our room and put on the new bed sheets and pillowcases. Will post a couple of photos of our room tomorrow. They are color-coordinated =P

Just thinking of the things I need to accomplish before Friday makes me want to doze off right in an instant.

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