Monday, December 28, 2009

Fear of Fireworks

New Year's eve is just 3 days away. Compared to other people around the world who welcome the New Year outside their houses with fireworks, I on the other hand stay inside the comfort of our home. I'm not exactly sure how my fear of fireworks started. As far as I know at a young age I always hide myself under a chair or table or even closet just to avoid hearing the noises created by the fireworks. Yes, I am afraid of hearing the noises of the fireworks especially if I can see them with my two eyes. As long as I don't see them spark and boom in front of me I am fine.

I still like to watch the fireworks display within proximity.

I was thinking that maybe when I was still a fetus I was at ease with my comfort zone inside my mother's tummy. No noise and no disturbance. I was safe in my own little world.

I was looking up for the type of phobia that I have in fireworks, surprisingly Wiki Answers said that - A fear of fireworks isn't a phobia, but a combination of rational fears based on human defense mechanisms.

So it means I'm a defensive human being?!

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