Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Wow! Surely time flies really fast especially for this year. It's December...finally! This means a lot of spending and gift giving is coming my way...hehehe. Actually I just spend some items last weekend. Hope that I won't faint when I see my credit card bills...ahahahaha!

Last Friday I posted some of the things I have to do on weekend. Most of it was accomplished! Some are not :(

* I was not able to meet Kerslyn and her hubby
* I was not able to clean the whole house with the help of hubby (I got sick - fever, colds, sore throat and mild cough) thus I am on leave today from work. Need to take a rest for tomorrow.
* I didn't watch New Moon for the 2nd time :(

Oh well, there are still a few days left for the general cleaning which the husband will do since I'm sick. As for the New Moon, I guess I just have to wait for the DVD to be release :)

In the future I hope to meet Kerslyn and do some photo ops with here...hehehe.

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