Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's a Filipino tradition that every New Year's Eve people will always have to wear something that has circles or polka dots on it to symbolize money or prosperity. It wouldn't hurt if you follow this old tradition since it will not cost you anything. Hence I decided to make the same thing for our room this New Year's eve! The problem is we wouldn't be spending our New Year in our apartment but in my aunt's house in Cavite where there is a lot of people to celebrate it with.

I just hope that our absence in our home wouldn't affect the blessings to come in 2010!

Here's a peek of our room:

Bedsheet with colored blue and green circles with matching pillow cases plus the partner pillow case (colored aqua) that I bought last month.

Curtains with Circles :)

We are really sticking to our wedding color motif two years ago which is bluegreen =P


Unknown said...

Cute! saw some of these pillowcases sa Megamall kahapon...I like it! :D

Kero said...

readying redy na for the bing bang!

Happy New Year, Joanne! you know, the coming New Year's eve is the first time we will be staying in our own apartment. for the past three years, we were always out partying and celebrating with friends for the countdown

KMServino said...

I will ask my hubby about this circle thing. I had no idea! His mom does make me hang grapes above every doorway on New Years Day though.