Friday, December 11, 2009

Bonn and Ninch's Wedding (Reception)

Sorry for the late continuation of the wedding we attended last Monday. I've been so busy at work plus decorating our work areas with Christmas decors (will post a separate entry about that). Now, on to the wedding story...

After the wedding ceremony of Bonn and Ninch in Binondo Church it's time for the photo ops of all the guest with the couple inside the church before heading to the reception.Me and my friends decided that it's better we go ahead since the place is close to Divisoria and the traffic is building up quickly.

On our way to reception which is in Teatrillo situated in Intramuros we got lost as we are not familiar with place. We've asked a lot of people who resides in Intramuros and they all gave us the wrong directions so we drive in circles inside the ancient walls looking for the reception venue. Good thing we asked a "guwardia civil" for the directions and his the only one who gave us the correct one. Sigh!

We are all hungry upon arriving in the reception. Most of the guests are already there. Fortunately the caterer placed a plate of nibblets composed of frank hotdogs and bacon for each tables. I remembered eating two pieces just to pacify my grumbling tummy.

While waiting for the couple, we took pictures (naturally) of us on our table:

Finally the couple arrived and sadly our table is located at the back so we can't see much of them. Regardless we are happy that we are near the buffet stations...hehehehe.

After doing the wedding traditions during reception, the two hosts started calling table numbers through raffle. This got the attention of all the guests and they were all attentive including us!

Our table number was called after 6 numbers before us ;) We cheered when our number was called...ahahaha. Obviously we are famish!

We still have two other friends who will arrive. They will be late since both of them came from their respective work. We are done with our meals and desserts when Rod got a text message from Aisah. They are waiting outside the Teatrillo and she wants to be fetched. I accompanied him and off we went outside the venue.

We didn't see her or her husband so we waited for a few more minutes thinking that they send us a text messge in advance. While waiting, we have a photo opp of our own =P
It's been 15 minutes that we've been waiting for Aisah and PJ so we decided to go back to our table. Surprisingly the two are already there! Good thing we were back on our place since Bonn and Ninch are going to start their sing number. How sweet!

Anyways we chat while the two are singing in front...hehehe. And of course we wouldn't miss a chance having our photos taken as a group.

Us in their paparazzi wall ;)

Us with the newlyweds!

P.S. Next couple to wed in church will be PJ and Aisah happening this Friday ;)

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