Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bonn and Ninch's Wedding (Church)

Last December 7, my former colleagues and I attended the wedding of our dear friend Ninch to Bonn.

Going to Binondo is a test for a commuter like me and two of my friends. Apart from that it's traffic, the place is far from Makati City. We have no choice but to take a cab and the driver asked us to add Php30 on the metered amount. We agree so that we can go to wedding.

We arrived in Binondo Church at 3:20pm. We were all surprised to see the amount of fare we have to pay on the meter. Php 262.50?! Whoa! All in all we paid Php 300 due to the additional 30 pesos. Bummer!

We got to meet-up with Con on the church and since we were all early thus we have a spare time to have our pictures taken before the ceremony.

After a few minutes, the bridal car came into view ;) We are lucky to see the bride (Ninch) firsthand than the other guests. Like other brides, there is a certain glow in her.

4pm the entourage started to walk the church aisle. Some of them are late but that didn't keep the wedding from starting. The church is pretty strict since right after their wedding, there will be a mass.

Their color motif is black and pink since that's the favorite colors of the couple. The male entourage are all wearing a black chinese collared Barong Tagalog while the female entourage wears a pink dresses and gowns with a black belt as an accent.

The groom while walking is grinnign from ear to ear and when he saw me with my digital camera in hand, he started waving like a Hollywood star =P

Same with the bride, Ninch is all smiles and you can't see a trace of tears or anything dramatic while walking the aisle. She even complained to me that she's having a hard time walking while she's doing her bridal march...hehehe.Her gown is out of the ordinary. There is no veil and no train. It's simple and I love the ruffles on the lower bodice of her gown. If you look at the pictures, you will think that they are made of cottons :) Her gown totally represents her personality ;)

She dones a head dress with feathers colored white and pink.

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