Friday, December 4, 2009

Back Again

Just as I thought that I'm okay last Wednesday I got a surprise when I got back home from work. I feel chills and I think I'm having a fever. To confirm my instinct I used a digital thermometer and true enough I indeed have a fever (38 degrees Celsius) thus I was not able to come to work yesterday as per my husband's order.

I don't know exactly what's wrong with me but since last month I somehow become vulnerable and fragile that I get sick easily.

The husband and I decided to have a checkup tomorrow in the Intellicare clinic which is near our home instead of going to Medical City. The cab fare is eating up the budget!

I just want my cough to go away. Period.

UPDATE: Unfortunately there's no Pulmonologist available tomorrow in Intellicare Clinic so I will be going to Makati Medical Center instead.


janis said...

Hi sis,

hope you'll feel better soon.

ladyviral said...

I believe it is the weather. Drink more fluids and get sufficient rest. :) Get well soon, hun.

Rocks said...

Hi joanne,

hope you're feeling a lot better now. :)