Friday, November 6, 2009

Up Ahead

It's Friday and I'm thankful that I can sleep tomorrow longer. For the past 2 days I always wake up at 4am for some bizarre reason and I ended up yawning all throughout the afternoon here in the office.

Anyways, later tonight I will be having a reunion dinner with my former colleagues. We will also be celebrating in advance the birthday of our PM back then, she's the one who will treat us with a hearty meal =)

For sure loads of pictures will pour and I will post them hopefully this weekend otherwise it will be on Monday.

Tomorrow I will be going back to the hospital for my follow-up checkup. I was given an instruction by my OB to come back to her office after 6 months for another pap smear. Good thing her clinic hours starts at 10am.

On Sunday I will probably take a visit to my parent's house and then meet-up with my two high school friends in the mall. Ooops, I completely forgot that I have an appointment for my cocktail dress fitting...Hmmm.. Maybe I can meet my high school friends in the mall on Saturday instead of Sunday. There! Schedule arranged ;)

Looks like I will be a little bit busy....

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ladyviral said...

Oops, what happened to the relaxing sleeping in weekend? :/