Friday, November 27, 2009

Things to Do

...for this weekend:

(1) Tomorrow have a follow-up checkup to the OB.
(2) After the checkup meet-up with a fellow N@Wie for the electric grill purchase.
(3) After the meet-up scout around for a bday present for TJ.
(4) Get in touch with Kerslyn for our meetup on Sunday.
(5) Pick-up the laundry on our way home.

(1) Attend mass.
(2) Meet-up with Kerslyn and her husband
(3) Go to TJ's birthday party in Cavite

(1) General cleaning of the house!
(2) Round 2 for New Moon? =P

Good thing Monday is a holiday....

1 comment:

ladyviral said...

Monday is a holiday? What holiday is it? ^_^