Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sure Seats

I was checking the viewing schedule of New Moon in 3 different Ayala Malls Cinemas in Makati. Just like last year when Hubby and I watched Twilight I also made a reservation through this site.

This time I was thinking of watching the movie with some friends but we have to coordinate first the time and the cinema where we will be watching before I can purchase our ticket. The pros of buying the ticket ahead is that you will get a seat guaranteed and you don't have to wait for a long line.

The cons is that the price of the ticket is a little pricey but who cares?! I'm sure the money that I've paid for the ticket will be worth it just by watching the trailers of the movie. Only a few more days to go! ;)


ladyviral said...

New Moon fanatic!

Oh wait Twilight Fanatic! :P

You watching for the story, or you watching for the love?

Kero said...

you are such a huge fan! don't forget to bring a hanky hehehee

Ashley said...

Ok. I Thought Sofitel was a hotel. I have been to the one in Queenstown, New Zealand. They have a crazy mural on the men's room wall. ha. My dad took pictures of it because it was so interesting. I will find them to post!