Saturday, November 14, 2009

Still Here

Hello everyone! I'm sure you're all wondering where I have been since there are no updates on my blog for 4 days! Which is very unusual if you know me.

Well, last Tuesday and Wednesday I have been busy having a checkup for my tummy. Nope, I'm not pregnant but turns out I have an acute gastroenteritis. Then Wednesday night I was admitted to the hospital for confinement until yesterday.

The gastroenterologist who diagnosed me said that it will be better if I stay in the hospital for the supply of IV to keep me nourish and to prevent further loss of nutrients and fluids in my body.

I will tell you all the detailed story on Monday with some pictures taken inside my room in Medical City :)

For the time being, I just made my presence felt for all you bloggers and friends who've been religiously visiting my blog.

I have a lot to catch up that's for sure! ;)

1 comment:

ladyviral said...

Get well soon.

I hope everything is ok now :).