Monday, November 9, 2009


I planned the things that I will be doing for the weekend but not all of them fell into place as I expected...

First, we were not able to go to the OB's clinic for the follow-up checkup since I came home late from our reunion dinner. It was nearing 2am when I got home. Good thing a friend/neighbor is present to accompany me or else the husband will be really furious. With that I woke up late and we didn't push through the checkup. Sigh! The good side was I got to sleep a lot.

Second, I was not able to visit my parent's house since I'm crunching the time last Saturday. I know it was supposed to be Sunday but since I will be having my first fitting for the cocktail dress on a seamstress which is near to my parent's house I decided to take a pit stop after which didn't materialized. I arrived in the seamstress shop around 3:30pm and left at 5pm. It was tough finding transportation on the way out of their village. I was hoping to drop by after that but then I have to pick-up something in a mall before 7pm I decided to give up the visiting and saved it for this coming weekend instead.

Other than that I was able to meet-up with my high school friends for about 1.5-2 hours then hear mass last Sunday. Unexpected event was the husband and I have to got to the hospital to visit a friend who had a miscarriage =( It was 8:30pm yesterday when we arrived. It was supposed to be their first child and it was gone...I feel sad for her but like I always say to myself when things didn't turned out the way I expect them to be, "Everything happens for a reason".

I just hope that her faith didn't waver by that incident.

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