Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Real Properties

For the past months my sister and my mom are looking for a real estate property where they can move-in next year. There are a lot of things to consider and different opinions from my sister and parents hence it's taking them awhile to decide which is going to be the house for them. My sister wants to have a place of their own and doesn't want the idea of renting a house till forever thus she's focused to get a place once she's back for good in Manila. Real Property Management won't be much of help since it's more of a service for rental properties and tenants though I've heard that they are the best management company to boot. If only they sell properties for keeps.

I hope that this issue with house hunting will be finalize on December once my sister is home for 2 weeks vacation.

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ladyviral said...

House hunting is usually quite hard... when you find a good price, the house didn't suit the owner... when the house is right, the price isn't.

but of course there are when both are right, make sure then to carefully consider the aspect of everything, transport, convenience stores and etc.

Good luck!