Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Current Diet

After being stuck in a hospital bed for 2 days I religiously follow my gastroenteritis advice - no oily and dairy products for the time being. I'm planning to follow this diet until November ends just to make sure that my stomach and intestines are back to their old self.

It was tough eating foods that don’t require oil. I always end up eating foods that are boiled and steamed - siomai, siopao, corn, carrots, egg, hotdog and instant noodles. Sigh! I can't eat burgers or fries and I'm totally missing them.

Btw, I forgot to mention that we only tried the Blood Type O Diet for a week after that we switch back into eating pork...ahahahaha! I guess it all boils down to having a balanced diet. That is meat, vegetables and fruits right?


ladyviral said...

Blood type O diet has no pork?

I was told that blood type O diets requires more redmeat hahaha!

Well, you shouldn't be taking instant noodles.. that is even worse than taking fries, dear.

Dhemz said...

oh my sis...I did not know na na hospitalized ka gosh...hope all is well...:)

salamat sa dalaw ha! ingat lagi...kaka

Unknown said...

@ Lady Viral - yup, they require red meat more thus it will be beef instead of pork :)

Hmm...thanks for the advise about instant noodles. I don't eat them everyday though. Oh well, once it's December I hope I can eat whatever I want to eat =P

Unknown said...

@ Dhemz: Hi sis! Yup, got admitted to the hospital but I'm okay now ;)