Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MST Unite in Mesa

I completely forgot to post some of our pictures taken last November 6 for an advance birthday celebration of our former PM, Ms. Joy . It was also served as a reunion of our old team back then.

I was expecting that majority will attend because they confirmed but some changed their minds the last minute....too bad.

Our reunion dinner was held in the function room of Mesa restaurant located in Greenbelt 5.

the early birds Ü

our refreshing drinks - sago
(it was delicious! yum!)

first round ;)
(on the left is roasted pork chopped and wrapped in a pandan crepe while on the right is a cat fish flakes with chopped green mangoes and chili pepper)

another round of foods!
(I'm not exactly sure the name of the dishes but they are all fish)

better to be late than never ;)

suprise! surprise!
the Mesa staff giving the bday girl a rice cake with candle =)

our suprise - Oreo Cheesecake! Make a wish...

MST (partial) group pic ;)

(Belated) Happy Birthday!
Till next time...hehehe

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Unknown said...

nice nice... :)

I truly missed MST! excited to see you all!