Thursday, November 19, 2009

Land Down Under

The phrase simply describes Australia where it is inhibited by kangaroos and koala bears. Also the thing that comes to my mind about that phrase is Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman both famous in Hollywood and has Australian nationality.

I hope to see the famous Sydney Opera House where me and hubby can stay in the cheapest Sydney Hotels and get souvenirs from the Rocks Market.

For example Melbourne streets have a stream of jazz bars for night time peeps. Shoppers can indulge on the funky boutiques along Brunswick Street in case you want to bag a bargain on branded items. These two alone will surely entice tourists to book to Melbourne Hotels and experience all the fun and adventure it has to offer.

I have this fantasy where I was doing wall climbing indoor or outdoor. I haven't tried it personally but I would love to do it next year. Once I'm all pump up for that kind of athletic activity then I can definitely strut my stuff in rock climbing at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs the followed by kayaking in Moreton Island. I'm not sure though if the husband will like that idea but I guess he will probably say that it's better if he stay inside the comfort of one of the Brisbane Hotels.

Last but not the least will be cruising in the Swan River located in Perth. They offer different kinds of cruising which are all lovely and definitely a must try for a travel junkie. I wonder if there are Perth Hotels on that area so you can enjoy the river waters although there are 63 beaches on tranquil, car-free Rottnest Island. That's a lot!

I guess this Australian adventure will be possible if we are living in that country. Maybe I can ask my godmother to petition us so we can migrate! I wish.

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