Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hospitalized (Part 2)


Hubby and I have no idea on how long we will be staying in the hospital so we assumed that we will be there until the weekend so that's the clothes that we bring together with our toiletries. We took a cab and luckily there are no heavy traffics along the way.

We arrived in Medical City's ER before 9pm. I asked the guard for the Intellicare (HMO) desk to fill out a form after which I was asked by the nurse for any allergic reactions to food and medicines to which I reply none.

Next, I was asked for my height and weight. I didn't know my exact weight at that time so the nurse led me to their digital weighing scale and tada! I only weighed 41.7 kilos (91.74 lbs)! Geeeze!

After the weighing I was ushered to a vacant bed in the ER while the nurses process my papers. After 20 minutes a doctor came who happens to be one of the resident doctors. I told her the history and the advice of Dr. Eustaquio that I will be admitted in the hospital. Prior to that, my gastro doctor asked me to tell the resident nurse or doctor who will checked one me to call him after they met me. So after talking to me the resident doctor called on Dr. Eustaquio for further instructions. We waited for another 30 minutes before they told me that I will be admitted. Some papers were asked to be signed by me while the husband is busy processing my papers in Intellicare for my room.

After another 30 minutes or so the nurse came this time with an IV insertion and bag of fluid. This is one of the few things I don't like in a hospital. The nurse advises me not to look at my hand while she inserted the needle for the IV which is a good thing since I can feel the pain of the needle on my vein. Ouch!

It was nearing 12 midnight when I finally wheeled into my room located on the 11th floor near the nurse station.
These photos were taken on Thursday morning. The right picture shows the door of our room while the other door (the one with an air vent at the bottom) leads to the bathroom.

Our view in my room - Ortigas Business District =)

Me on the bed while Hubby is playing Warcraft on the laptop =P

Early Thursday morning (Nov 12) at 5am a nurse came to get another sample of my blood to check the electrolytes, potassium and white blood cell count. Based from the results they will know if there are other reasons for my gastroenteritis.

There are three doctors who are visiting me during my confinement - Dr. Eustaquio and two female who are working under him. According to my gastro doctor there are three of us who got admitted in the hospital due to gastroneteritis, all of us are his patients. He told me not to worry since it will only take me a day or two for the IV medication and I can go home ;)

After his visit at 8:45am a staff from Intellicare came to me to discuss the policy of Intellicare in order to shoulder my hospital expenses. Turns out I have to process first my Philhealth before Intellicare. So hurriedly I called our HR department to get the requirements needed. Thankfully they have all of it and my friend/colleague will bring it to me the next day :)

Three times a day, the nurse will check on me for my temperature, medicine and blood pressure. Also, they will ask me about my poop. My meals are following a diet that is strictly non-oily and non-dairy food as per the doctor's advised. Up to now I still follow this diet.

Evening came and the female doctor checked on me for the results of my blood test. Surprisingly all the results are normal except for potassium which is a little low than normal. She encouraged me to eat foods rich in potassium like apples and bananas. I'm not a big fan of apples so I'll just settle for bananas :) My white blood cell count is normal (no idea on how did it happened).

It was pretty cold in our room during night time so I asked the husband to turn off the AC. Both of us slept early.

Friday came and this time the weather is a little cloudy. Again the nurse made her usual round. At 8:45am Dr. Eustaquio is in my room to check on me with the two female doctors. I was feeling better and normal on that day. No churning noises on my stomach. The doctor pressed my stomach to see if there is anything unusual that he can feel. Well, he didn't find any thus he gave me the go signal to go home. I requested for a medical certificate before he left my room.

After two hours my friend from work came to visit me. He actually took a leave since he will have his checkup for his cough. He brought the Philhealth papers needed for the billing. I owe him a lot :) Apart from the papers he gave a card signed by my other colleagues. I was touched for their thoughtful gesture. After a few minutes of talking my friend have to go to schedule an appointment for a pulmonologist.

Lunch time a male nurse came to remove my IV. Yey! It was hard to move around with a bag of fluid that the husband have to carry everytime I have to go to the bathroom. There's no pain when the IV was removed and we told the nurse that the doctor has given us the discharge order. We decided to leave the hospital in the afternoon. After an hour I took a bath and started fixing our things. I missed moving and keeping myself busy...hehehehe. Around 4pm hubby started processing my Philhealth and Intellicare papers for the bill. Thank you for insurances and we didn't have to pay anything.

We left the hospital at 5pm. Hello outside world!

P.S. I didn't know that Medical City lets their patients bring home the pillow used during their stay. Normally it's just the medical kit that were brought home =D

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