Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hospitalized (Part 1)

The last time I was confined in a hospital was during the 1980s. My maternal grandmother will tell me stories on how fragile I was when I was a young child that I always end up in a hospital.

As years gone by I'm proud to say that my health improved! No hospital admissions until last week.

I was able to report for office last Monday (Nov. 9) but due to the erratic behavior of my stomach I decided to make a visit to a gastroenterologist and my gynecologist as well. I know that my case is not the common LBM because I've experienced going to the bathroom twice since November 5. My instinct tells me there's something wrong in the picture.

So Tuesday (Nov. 10) the husband and I went to Medical City. The plan was to make a follow-up checkup to my OB before going to the gastro doctor. Unfortunately my OB is not available and she's attending a conference. Her secretary said that she will be back on Thursday (Nov. 12). I guess fate wanted me to really seek the help of a gastro so that's what my hubby and I did. Intellicare staff directed us to Dr. Eustaquio.

We went to his office at 11:30am. That day, he had a lot of patients before us so we have to wait for our turn. Luckily, the churning of my stomach is bearable so going to the restroom is not needed (I went to the bathroom twice early in the morning that day). The doctor welcomed us warmly. He asked me the basic questions like when did it start? how do you feel? what are the foods that you ate?, etc. He asked me to lie down on the bed(?) on his office then using his stethoscope he checks my breathing, heart rate and lastly the sounds in my stomach. He confirmed that my stomach is making a rampage sound...ahahahaha! He prescribed me a medicine to pacify my tummy which I have to take 3 times a day before each meal and requested for three lab tests - CBC, urinalysis and stool test. I was able to accomplish the first two tests during that day but I'm having trouble with the last one. I'm not comfortable using the hospital's restroom thus I opted to submit my sample the following day (Wednesday).

Nov 11 Wednesday I went alone this time to Medical City as I have to be there early to submit my feces sample. I arrived in the hospital at 8:05am and waited patiently for 3.5 hours so I can get all the results. I spent most of my time lounging in the Ambulatory Services waiting area watching HBO =P

By 11:20am I went to the Releasing Counter for Lab Tests and it was a relief that all the 3 test results are there. I hurriedly went to Dr. Eustaquio's office for his evaluation. My urine is normal while my white blood cell count is a little bit over from normal. He explained that it maybe due to stress or infection. For the feces/stool as expected from someone who has an LBM or gastroenteritis that's what it is. No bacteria or whatsoever (which is a good thing). So he asked me how am I feeling that time. Honestly I feel okay. My stomach is not acting up like a brat. So the doctor told me to continue the medicine he prescribed and if anything comes up I can call him or send him a SMS. He gave me his mobile number. It was 12 noon so I decided to call my manager and tell her that I'm having a follow-up checkup and will be back in the office tomorrow. After the call I went home since the husband is waiting for me.

At home the husband just asked me about the things that happened to me on the hospital - the result and the evaluation of the doctor. While his busy playing games and I watching TV my stomach started to make growling noise. Instinctively I got up and have to go to the bathroom. That was my 2nd time to poop (pardon for the word). After an hour my stomach throws another tantrum and again I have to go to back to the CR. Another hour (or so) passed and my stomach is churning again. That will be the 4th time that I have to go to the CR.

After the to and fro scenario, I decided to call my gastro doctor about my situation. I told him that I poop 4 times and it's not even 6pm! He advised me to have myself admitted to the hospital for the IV fluid treatment. He explained that it will be better if I was in a hospital where they can restore the loss fluids in my body than by staying at home apart from the fact that they can monitor me much easier. I relay this info to hubby and we started to fix the things we will need for our temporary stay in a hospital room.

(To be continued).....


Ashley said...

oh my! I hope you are ok!!
I have IBS, so I go Poop a lot! ha, it is not a bad word! Not for me anyway! I hope you are okay!!

ruther said...

mare..mabuti naman at kokei ka na... :)