Monday, November 9, 2009


Last Friday as I was buying myself a breakfast meal in Mcdo, the crew asked me if I want to add Php 25 so I can have the limited edition of Coca-Cola contour glass collection.

I remembered seeing this glass in Anton's blog and that's when it hit me. I hurriedly said YES and here's my first glass:

Of course I decided to get the color Blue first (my favorite color!)...hehehehe. There are five other colors namely - Lime, Green, Violet, Pink and Charcoal. This collectible glass will run until November 31, 2009 in McDonald's store nationwide (Philippines to be exact).

Next color on my list will be Lime for hubby :) Then the rest will follow ;)


ladyviral said...

I thought this craze was over.. and here you are starting now~ :P

Unknown said...

Ahahahaha! Well I don't have the collectible glass of Coke inspired by the Beijing Olympics. That's why I wanted to collect this one...with colors :)

carlamaldita said...

friend ko kumpleto na kase she has a friend who works in coke naman.

Kero said...

glad to know you are well now. i have a friend who suffers from gastroenteritis as well

whoa, those glasses are free here for every large value meal :)

Kerslyn said...

haha...inggit mode daw ako. nag-mcdo rin kami ni ace para lang makabili ng glass. :-)