Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Blue

It was the title of a documentary film from National Geographic Channel for the Blue Whale which is considered to be the largest animal on Earth. They are endangered specie with only 10,000 population on the whole world.

This exhibit was featured in local evening news last Tuesday and the husband and I were in awe when we saw the replica of a 2 month-old female Blue Whale. National Geographic made it possible for us to see this replica which are made of fiber optical glass (if I'm not mistaken) to raise awareness about marine preservation.

When I saw the TV footage I knew the exact mall where the replica is displayed. Yesterday I went to Glorietta 5 and saw it myself, she is a beauty.

The replica is really big....and it's only 2 months old!

I wonder how huge a Blue Whale can be if it's 1 year old...

I'm not sure on how long they will display the Blue Whale in Glorietta 5 but no worries apart from that mall, the replica will also be displayed in other malls until February of next year. Sorry I was not able to take a note of the dates and the malls.

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