Monday, November 23, 2009

2nd Round

I watched the New Moon movie last Friday with the husband! I so love the CGI effects especially with the wolves scene. They remind me of Siberian Huskies in different shades that got bigger :) I love it! Even the husband enjoys watching the film ;)

If you will review the total aspect of the movie, it's much better compared to Twilight though there are some flaws that I saw in the film. Nobody's perfect as they say...

(1) The face makeup of Alice is so obvious since her neck is a different shade (that is on the later part of the film). I like her makeup in Twilight to be honest.
(2) Robert Pattinson's face in the film is so serious and he always deliver his lines in a monotone way. I wonder what's wrong with him...
(3) I was expecting that the Volturi will be more daunting and sinister...ahahahaha!

Regardless, I want to see the New Moon again for the 2nd time since the G4 Cinema 2 has some minor technical problems when the movie was showing. Audio modulation and jumping scenes, it sucks! I heart seeing the wolves again :)

P.S. The ending left me hanging for Eclipse! The director surely knows how to keep the audience and fans anticipating for the next movie sequel. Good thing it will be a short wait for us to get the 3rd dose of vampires, wolves and humans. Third movie entitled Eclipse is set to be release on June next year.
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