Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend that was

I was busy last Saturday while Sunday I was able to relax...a little.

Saturday at around 8-9am I went to the gym together with my friends. It's been a long time since I hit the gym and my arms are still sore. I sweat a lot in about 20 minutes that I'm on the treadmill and stepper. I decided to do my hip-hop abs routine at home at least once a week and then hit the gym on Saturdays so as not to feel this soreness and body aches again.

After the gym I ate my lunch at home, took a shower and head off to visit my sister in the hospital. I was there for 4-5 hours while my father went home to eat and take a bath. Once my father is back I only stayed for a few more minutes before going home. It was windy that day due to Pepeng. We are hoping that within this week she will be able to recover and her platelet count will be normal again.
The whole Sunday I was mostly inside our house. Since the weather is better compared the day before, I immediately wash our small laundry items. After which I just watch TV and play Wedding Dash on the laptop...hehehe. Hubby was in a deep slumber during those hours.

Early evening we went to Shopwise for our grocery shopping. I was surprised that most of the canned goods are gone. There are a few canned items that are being restocked by the employees. And I thought that the "panic buying" is only applicable to those areas that got flooded.

I sleep early last night while Randiej is ironing our clothes :) That's his usual task and I must admit that his better in ironing than me...hehehe. He really exerts extra time in making sure that the clothes are in perfect shape before putting it on a hanger while me on the other hand is the shortcut version of his ironing...ahahaha!

Can't wait for the weekend to come again ;)


Kerslyn said...

parang gusto ko na rin mag-gym but tinatamad ako lumabas ng haus often. I am used to go out lang kasi pag-weekends. hay, kelan kaya mawala mga kabilbilan ko....

ladyviral said...

Glad to hear your sister is doing all better now.

Oh I wish the weekend will come faster too hehe :)