Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Two weeks back (or is it 3 weeks?), my agent in Sofitel called me if I want to renew my membership with them. You see my membership will expired this October so Naomi checks on me about that. Honestly I was not able to use my membership much(except this coming Tuesday) which is a total bummer! I didn't even get my free birthday cake last August. Sheesh! Oh well, it's our fault to begin with since we don't get to drop by the place so nothing to blame but ourselves.

Regardless that I was not able to maximize the benefits of being a member I decided to renew it. This time I changed my membership status to Primary wherein I will get a free overnight accommodation and a group certificate for 10-20 persons entitled to a 50% discount for dining in Spiral Restaurant's famous buffet :) Moreover if Hubby and I decided to avail the Spiral lunch buffet on Sundays, we can use their pool for free regardless if we are not checked-in to their rooms :)

Also my agent told me that the Sofitel renovated its amenities from the rooms up to the pool area. I was thinking if we should use our free accommodation to spend Christmas in the hotel. Hmmmm...

Anyways, the benefits mentioned are just an additional to the benefits which I posted before. To view them just click this link about the Accor Advantage Plus.
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