Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Got my package today from Kodak. I have an account on their website and in order for me to preserved my gallery of pictures online I have to make a purchase on their website which I did.

I'm planning to give this photo framed picture to my grandmother who stood as my mother during my wedding. It's a family picture which was taken in the hotel lobby. I know you're all wondering where's my mother but she was there as a guest. It's a pretty long dramatic story but the good thing is that everybody is good and well ;)

So for now I'm relief that my pictures in Kodak will be okay. I have a lot of albums uploaded and I don't want all of them to vanish! I can now have a peace of mind regarding this matter for 352 days :)


Amelia said...

good that you have it with you :)

what was the story of your mom? I was just intrigue...heheh in short tsimosa..hahaha :)

ruther said...

akalaan nag go si mudrax nung wedding?