Friday, October 2, 2009

My other sister is sick

Yesterday I went home early. I have to go under time since I have to visit my youngest sibling at the hospital. Wednesday night I received a SMS from my brother telling me that they are in the hospital and that my sister is seriously sick. What we all thought that it was a common fever brought about by the flood and rains due to the storm but it's not.

Through the blood tests the doctors found out the platelets of my sister are way low than normal. It's supposed to be 150 but hers was on 88. She was admitted thinking that it could be "dengue".

She's under observation; the doctors are waiting for other symptoms of dengue like bleeding and they are normalizing her platelet count before she can go home. When we were there yesterday my mom told me that there's an improvement since she smiles and talks and laughs probably because we are there (me, hubby, my aunt and brother). She even wanted to borrow my mobile phone so she can play games. Although she's still dizzy and can't stand without support, she eats little by little unlike before where she doesn't want to eat or take anything and preferred to just have an injection (that's the story of my mom).

Will visit her again this weekend. Before we left, a nurse came to have a sample of her blood. This will be the 2nd time that they will check her platelets. Hopefully there will be good news today once the blood test is release. I will feel a lot better if she's back at home back to her normal self.

(P.S.) My aunt was trying to take a photo of my sister in her hospital bed but people said that it's prohibited since it's a catholic hospital run by priests and nuns.

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