Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I thought...

...I will be bored here in my workstation the rest of the afternoon since I don't have a workload. But to my surprise I was busy helping a friend to edit her blog's header while I'm busy searching for my template...hehehe.

Finally I've settled to one which I have to adjust the settings using a "test blog" before I can adapt it to this blog.

There are a lot of templates that caught my eye. My only concern is "tweaking" the settings. I don't want to go through a lot of trouble just by changing the settings so I decided to look for a simple and yet easy to adjust blogger template.

Then after my "template searching" my aunt is asking me for help regarding the Windows Activation screen that always comes up after the boot process in the desktop. I do have two options on how to fix the problem (1) is to activate Windows through phone since internet connection is not possible (for some weird reason Windows is looking for a dial-up connection and other is (2) perform registry editing and replacing the WAP files in System32 of Windows.

So I'm going to try the first option tomorrow. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

Oh, 10 mins to go and I can go home! Yay! I really needed a break from the techie world.

1 comment:

dhemz said...

good luck sis...I know you can do it...in case you want me to edit your html for code adjustment...let me know if I can help....

here is my email: grego5@comcast.net

you can send me the code and let me know what you need to adjust....good luck!