Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner in Spiral

Here's our dinner date story! Finally....
For our second year wedding anniversary celebration I decided to reserve us a dinner in Spiral Restaurant at Sofitel. It's about time that I used my privileges as a member =P

We were there at around 6:40pm, at that time there are a few people dining in. I'm not exactly sure who chose our table but we got our reserved spot near the exit to the pool. Our table is good for 6 people and the seating have cushions and pillows ;) There's also a capiz lantern on top of the table. We were presented with a menu for the drinks which is quite pricey...hehehe. I ordered Spiral Iced Tea for the two of us and then we proceeded to the buffet table.It was overwhelming looking at the variety of foods in different buffet stations :) I super love the dessert buffet with numerous sweet goodies to choose from ;) Sorry I didn't took a picture of the buffet stations but I'm pretty sure that you have all an idea or some of you might have been there in Spiral.

Randiej and I ended up selecting a few Japanese, Chinese and Filipino foods. We didn't try Korean since I know that most of their foods are spicy which I'm not a big fan. Hubby on the other hand doesn't like anything Korean =P
I forgot the other cuisine that was there. I'm not adventurous when it comes to eating food...hehehe.

Japanese Plate
Pork Misono, Japanese Rice (tasty) &
Chicken Teriyaki (love the sauce)

Chinese Plate
Sharksfin, Shrimp Dumpling and
ken something (forgot the name)


The first round of desserts!
White chocolate mousse, Chocolate mousse and
two other chocolates something..

Spiral Iced Tea worth Php 170
(it tastes different...I don't like it and it's pricey!)

In the middle of our dinner, the camera died on us. Sheesh! It was my fault since I didn't make an effort to charge it. I was thinking that I seldom used it after our Boracay trip so I'm guessing that it has enough charge to last for our dinner but I was wrong. So some of the pictures were taken using my ever reliable w800i mobile (photos to be posted tomorrow).

We were planning to go for Round 2 but Hubby and I are full. To make the most of the buffet, I went back to the dessert buffet station and get the 3 types of Crème Brûlée (Mocha, Vanilla and Chocolate) plus the Churros with the chocolate dip. Delicioso!

After gobbling down our second set of dessert, hubby starts to feel sleepy...hehehe. He was asking me to get our bill and it was past 8pm. So I requested for our bill and waited. We were not able to eat all the food that we picked from the buffet station. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I therefore conclude that Hubby and I are not the buffet type of peeps =P

It was a great experience eating in Spiral. If only our stomachs are bottomless then for sure we probably tasted all the food that they are offering. I hope to be back there again. Maybe for a group buffet?...


dhemz said...

oh my...what a treat! yummylicious!

ladyviral said...

Oh such a great dinner... romantic to have only with each other :).

Congratulatios and happy anniversary to you both :).

Ashley said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!
What is Sofitel?

Yum, All those desserts sound amazing!!

Kerslyn said...

wow! yummylicious dinner sis! how much? (if you don't mind). :-) para ring afford ko, d ba?hahaha

hope you had a great time during your anniversary.

Gracie said...

belated happy anniv again. btw,how much ang membership sa Sofitel, if i may ask? thanks!

just.being.myself said...

hi sis, happy anniversary to you and your husband!!!! All the best! :)