Thursday, October 22, 2009

China Bound?

I just received my renewed passport reflecting my married name. Coincidentally my sister who’s currently working in China sent me an email of Cebu Pacific's Fare Well Seat Sale and that she's inviting me if I want to visit her next year :)

I really want to travel abroad next year. I was even thinking of going to HK Disneyland with Hubby but then I can't give up this opportunity especially that my sister is there which means I don't have to worry of the accommodation ;)

I already told the husband about this plan. At first he was joking that I'm leaving him...hehehe. I asked him if he wants to come with me but he declined since his hopeful that next year he has a job by then so taking a leave is not appropriate.

Right now I'm trying my luck on getting myself book for a flight bound to Shanghai for February 2010. Cebu Pacific's trunk line and its Makati satellite office numbers are all busy!
Good luck to me =P


Kero said...

wow! that would be a grand and much-deserve holiday trip!

Congratulations and I hope you will see your sister soon!

Angela said...

I hope that everything works out in your favor for a trip to China! That would be so amazing.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

have a great vacation!musta na sis?