Friday, October 23, 2009


I managed to book myself a flight availing the Cebu Pacific Promo Seat Sale for February next year I will be spending quality sister bonding time for a whole week.
I'm so excited!

Of course my sister was ecstatic hearing this news. The only thing left for me to do is to complete the requirements needed for Tourist Visa application in China which is a lot but nothing heavy that I can't workaround. I still have plenty of time in my hands to accomplish all of them.

When I broke this news last night to hubby that I got myself a flight bound to China he was surprised. I told him that I just finished booking the flight but I have to get myself a visa. How come I have a feeling that his not happy that I will be taking a vacation in China? Hmm.. Probably his used to seeing me everyday and we've never been away that far. I will surely miss him during that time but the important thing is I will be back just in time to celebrate his birthday That's another year older for hubby

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Amelia said...

you should include hubby in the plans :) LOL!