Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Bath Robe For Me

November is just a few winks away and this means there will be a hint of chilly air welcoming us every morning. Regardless what the season is, I'm used to heating up some water for my bath. I don't like plain cold water at all unless it's really hot during the summer.

In preparation for the cold season (winter season in other parts of the world) I want to buy myself a terry bath robe to keep myself warm after taking a bath every morning. I easily get cold that's why I've been thinking of getting one this coming payday. I wonder if the terry one is warmer compared to the waffle bath robe. The latter is much lighter though which means it's easier to laundry.

Maybe I should put this in my wish list instead plus a bath wrap. I hope the price fits just right in our budget for this year's exchange gifts. It will be timely to bring that subject up for our reunion dinner scheduled for next week. I hope everyone in our former team will participate.

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