Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hungree Burger

I know this is a late discovery for the husband and me. After visiting a friend last week in their rented apartment nearby our home, they offered us a food which is really the title implies it's a burger, but it's not an ordinary one. It's a huge burger which I think is common in northern and Middle East countries.

So hubby and I decided to buy one for ourselves last Thursday. We ordered the Super Hungree Burger which costs Php 148:

The burger is roughly around 8 inches in diameter:

Want to have some?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dinner in Spiral

Here's our dinner date story! Finally....
For our second year wedding anniversary celebration I decided to reserve us a dinner in Spiral Restaurant at Sofitel. It's about time that I used my privileges as a member =P

We were there at around 6:40pm, at that time there are a few people dining in. I'm not exactly sure who chose our table but we got our reserved spot near the exit to the pool. Our table is good for 6 people and the seating have cushions and pillows ;) There's also a capiz lantern on top of the table. We were presented with a menu for the drinks which is quite pricey...hehehe. I ordered Spiral Iced Tea for the two of us and then we proceeded to the buffet table.It was overwhelming looking at the variety of foods in different buffet stations :) I super love the dessert buffet with numerous sweet goodies to choose from ;) Sorry I didn't took a picture of the buffet stations but I'm pretty sure that you have all an idea or some of you might have been there in Spiral.

Randiej and I ended up selecting a few Japanese, Chinese and Filipino foods. We didn't try Korean since I know that most of their foods are spicy which I'm not a big fan. Hubby on the other hand doesn't like anything Korean =P
I forgot the other cuisine that was there. I'm not adventurous when it comes to eating food...hehehe.

Japanese Plate
Pork Misono, Japanese Rice (tasty) &
Chicken Teriyaki (love the sauce)

Chinese Plate
Sharksfin, Shrimp Dumpling and
ken something (forgot the name)


The first round of desserts!
White chocolate mousse, Chocolate mousse and
two other chocolates something..

Spiral Iced Tea worth Php 170
(it tastes different...I don't like it and it's pricey!)

In the middle of our dinner, the camera died on us. Sheesh! It was my fault since I didn't make an effort to charge it. I was thinking that I seldom used it after our Boracay trip so I'm guessing that it has enough charge to last for our dinner but I was wrong. So some of the pictures were taken using my ever reliable w800i mobile (photos to be posted tomorrow).

We were planning to go for Round 2 but Hubby and I are full. To make the most of the buffet, I went back to the dessert buffet station and get the 3 types of Crème Brûlée (Mocha, Vanilla and Chocolate) plus the Churros with the chocolate dip. Delicioso!

After gobbling down our second set of dessert, hubby starts to feel sleepy...hehehe. He was asking me to get our bill and it was past 8pm. So I requested for our bill and waited. We were not able to eat all the food that we picked from the buffet station. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I therefore conclude that Hubby and I are not the buffet type of peeps =P

It was a great experience eating in Spiral. If only our stomachs are bottomless then for sure we probably tasted all the food that they are offering. I hope to be back there again. Maybe for a group buffet?...

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I will just post our dinner date story tomorrow. Somehow my brain is not in the mood for story-telling at the moment...hehehe.

I will finish the draft at home while taking a note on the pictures that I will post. As soon as I came in to the office, that's the first thing that I'm going to do.

Btw, I will be coming early for work tomorrow as I have to get out of the office early. Hubby and I are going south bound for the long weekend :)


I know I have no update(s) yesterday. Actually I have one draft that I have to finish. It was our dinner date in celebration of our wedding anniversary. I'm still in the process of completing the story and selecting the pictures that I will post. There's not too much pictures since our digital camera died in the middle of the dinner. I overlooked the possibility that it might be running low on charge. Bummer!

Anyways, I will try my very best to post it today. I'm done with my workload so that's a hurray for me!

Time to start with that blog entry ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our 2nd Year

...together as husband and wife. It's not easy and it takes a whole load of patience to get through each week. Adjustment is constant. Everyday is a learning experience. I hope and pray that we will be counting the days, weeks and years of our lives side by side.

Happy 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary to us! Ü

QP Credits: Kim B Designs and Words to Delite

A Bath Robe For Me

November is just a few winks away and this means there will be a hint of chilly air welcoming us every morning. Regardless what the season is, I'm used to heating up some water for my bath. I don't like plain cold water at all unless it's really hot during the summer.

In preparation for the cold season (winter season in other parts of the world) I want to buy myself a terry bath robe to keep myself warm after taking a bath every morning. I easily get cold that's why I've been thinking of getting one this coming payday. I wonder if the terry one is warmer compared to the waffle bath robe. The latter is much lighter though which means it's easier to laundry.

Maybe I should put this in my wish list instead plus a bath wrap. I hope the price fits just right in our budget for this year's exchange gifts. It will be timely to bring that subject up for our reunion dinner scheduled for next week. I hope everyone in our former team will participate.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm okay

I'm back as ME....still. The thoughts of last Friday which I wrote in this blog didn't turned into reality, instead as soon as I arrived home I went straight ahead to the bed and doze off just to forget the frustrations and hurt that are all building up inside me.

I know you're all clueless of what exactly is going on with my life. Let's just say that it's one of the few bumps in married life that makes you want to scream (which I didn't literally do).

Anyways, everything is okay now and hopefully I've made my point. Otherwise I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. Don't you just hate it when you always have to deal with immaturity over and over again?

Friday, October 23, 2009


I suddenly want to feel that way...
I want to shut down my nerves and not to feel anything for anyone...
I want to stop worrying even just for a day...
I want to be irresponsible...
I want to be care free and laid back...
I want to be a different person even just for awhile...

I want to lose myself...


I managed to book myself a flight availing the Cebu Pacific Promo Seat Sale for February next year I will be spending quality sister bonding time for a whole week.
I'm so excited!

Of course my sister was ecstatic hearing this news. The only thing left for me to do is to complete the requirements needed for Tourist Visa application in China which is a lot but nothing heavy that I can't workaround. I still have plenty of time in my hands to accomplish all of them.

When I broke this news last night to hubby that I got myself a flight bound to China he was surprised. I told him that I just finished booking the flight but I have to get myself a visa. How come I have a feeling that his not happy that I will be taking a vacation in China? Hmm.. Probably his used to seeing me everyday and we've never been away that far. I will surely miss him during that time but the important thing is I will be back just in time to celebrate his birthday That's another year older for hubby

Thursday, October 22, 2009

China Bound?

I just received my renewed passport reflecting my married name. Coincidentally my sister who’s currently working in China sent me an email of Cebu Pacific's Fare Well Seat Sale and that she's inviting me if I want to visit her next year :)

I really want to travel abroad next year. I was even thinking of going to HK Disneyland with Hubby but then I can't give up this opportunity especially that my sister is there which means I don't have to worry of the accommodation ;)

I already told the husband about this plan. At first he was joking that I'm leaving him...hehehe. I asked him if he wants to come with me but he declined since his hopeful that next year he has a job by then so taking a leave is not appropriate.

Right now I'm trying my luck on getting myself book for a flight bound to Shanghai for February 2010. Cebu Pacific's trunk line and its Makati satellite office numbers are all busy!
Good luck to me =P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Two weeks back (or is it 3 weeks?), my agent in Sofitel called me if I want to renew my membership with them. You see my membership will expired this October so Naomi checks on me about that. Honestly I was not able to use my membership much(except this coming Tuesday) which is a total bummer! I didn't even get my free birthday cake last August. Sheesh! Oh well, it's our fault to begin with since we don't get to drop by the place so nothing to blame but ourselves.

Regardless that I was not able to maximize the benefits of being a member I decided to renew it. This time I changed my membership status to Primary wherein I will get a free overnight accommodation and a group certificate for 10-20 persons entitled to a 50% discount for dining in Spiral Restaurant's famous buffet :) Moreover if Hubby and I decided to avail the Spiral lunch buffet on Sundays, we can use their pool for free regardless if we are not checked-in to their rooms :)

Also my agent told me that the Sofitel renovated its amenities from the rooms up to the pool area. I was thinking if we should use our free accommodation to spend Christmas in the hotel. Hmmmm...

Anyways, the benefits mentioned are just an additional to the benefits which I posted before. To view them just click this link about the Accor Advantage Plus.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I thought...

...I will be bored here in my workstation the rest of the afternoon since I don't have a workload. But to my surprise I was busy helping a friend to edit her blog's header while I'm busy searching for my template...hehehe.

Finally I've settled to one which I have to adjust the settings using a "test blog" before I can adapt it to this blog.

There are a lot of templates that caught my eye. My only concern is "tweaking" the settings. I don't want to go through a lot of trouble just by changing the settings so I decided to look for a simple and yet easy to adjust blogger template.

Then after my "template searching" my aunt is asking me for help regarding the Windows Activation screen that always comes up after the boot process in the desktop. I do have two options on how to fix the problem (1) is to activate Windows through phone since internet connection is not possible (for some weird reason Windows is looking for a dial-up connection and other is (2) perform registry editing and replacing the WAP files in System32 of Windows.

So I'm going to try the first option tomorrow. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

Oh, 10 mins to go and I can go home! Yay! I really needed a break from the techie world.

Exactly One Month

...and I can watch the much anticipated sequel in the Twilight series! Of course I already made a pact to the husband that we will watch in the cinema. No buts.

Now I'm thinking of watching it together with my friends so we can get rowdy inside the movie house...ahahahaha!

I'm going to secure myself and hubby reserved seats. Same with my friends. Good thing November 20 falls on Friday ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009


The good news is that I was able to save the links using Notepad. Yey!

The bad news is I keep on changing my mind on what theme or template to use for this blog. Just as I thought that I already found the "one" I decided to change it again and again. Argh!

Too Lazy

Everybody feels tired or sleepy when it's Monday. Can't blame them since it's the day that reminds everyone that we have to work for a living.

Lucky me I have no requirements for me to work on so I decided to take this chance of saving all my links in this blog before I start clicking the tabs on changing this layout.

Last weekend I didn't go to the Big Outlet Sale in Ortigas Pasig. The whole Saturday was spent at home sleeping and playing PC games. Sunday morning was spent cleaning the house then after that I took a break by watching some episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2 and I'm still not done. I'm sure there will be another Outlet Sale(s) again next year so I just have to wait then.

I'm going to start digging to my blog roll list and links. Hopefully I can finish all of them by 4:30pm today.

Friday, October 16, 2009



Two Years

Well it's not our wedding anniversary YET but today is the exact day of my 2 years of service in my current company.

Am I happy?
Yeah, somehow I am since I still have a job amidst of recession left and right. I survive the year 2009!

Is there a celebration?
Nope. There is no budget allotted for this kind of celebration since we don't have a raise for this year. Tough luck.

Any wish for the coming year that is work-related?
Enough cost-cutting....please? I need rewards :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The husband is done with his COBOL training with flying colors after 35 (or 40) days of learning and programming mainframe. Yesterday was their last day and his classmates including the trainer decided to have a small celebration.

I'm not exactly sure where they celebrated but it's near Robinsons Pioneer. He came home at 10pm where I've given him a curfew of 9pm...ahahaha! Yeah, I was a little hard on him yesterday because I'm worried that he might get too drunk and the weather is not that good. I don't want him to be involved in any kind of accident. Any wives will feel the same way so I have to pressure him to come home as early as he can.

Next step is for him to apply on the list of companies I listed that normally accepts entry level or programmer trainee positions. I hope and pray that he will be lucky to land a job.

crossed fingers Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


That's how I will describe my online "sideline". Things have been the exact opposite from last year but I'm not losing hope.

For the time being I'll just go with the saying "Patience is a Virtue". Little by little I'm going to change the layout of this blog. Time for a new look for the year 2010!

Hopefully after changing the physical appearance of my blog it will bring me some "luck" for next year ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Got my package today from Kodak. I have an account on their website and in order for me to preserved my gallery of pictures online I have to make a purchase on their website which I did.

I'm planning to give this photo framed picture to my grandmother who stood as my mother during my wedding. It's a family picture which was taken in the hotel lobby. I know you're all wondering where's my mother but she was there as a guest. It's a pretty long dramatic story but the good thing is that everybody is good and well ;)

So for now I'm relief that my pictures in Kodak will be okay. I have a lot of albums uploaded and I don't want all of them to vanish! I can now have a peace of mind regarding this matter for 352 days :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Coffee Month

Since I started going to school all I know is October is the Rosary Month. Period. But thanks to my sister's email and now I'm aware that October is considered the month for coffees! How come Starbucks and other coffee cafe don't have discounts or promos?

Well, I'm not into coffee for the past 5 years. It feels different in my tummy. I'm convinced that I'm acidic that's why I'm not going gaga
in sodas / soft drinks which is good in a way. That will keep me healthy...somehow...

Enough about me!
I would just like to share some of the events organized by the Philippine Coffee Board (PCB) as part of its celebration for this month. Coffee Lovers, aspiring baristas and future entrepreneurs check the details below:
(click to view image larger)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back Home

My youngest sister is all well and she was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Thank you Lord!

I was able to talk to her on the phone early this morning to check on her. She sounded normal again unlike before where she merely talks.

She will be resting for the remaining days of this week and will be back to school next Monday.

Then the second time I called she was throwing a tantrum and she keeps on whining that she wants to go to my aunt's house in Cavite which is not acceptable since she needs to take a rest and joining my brother and two cousins will only mean trouble and chaos =P

I was able to pacify her and explain to her that she needs to take a rest in order to get back to school. That made her to see things clearly (thanks to my years of experience of being the older sister).

I'm grateful and happy that she's back to normal even if it means she's back to being a brat at least we know that she's healthy =)

Mini iBlog Summit

I got this email yesterday and wanted to share this to all bloggers in the blogsophere who might be interested to register and get a free entrance to this event:

Mini iBlog Summit @ CEL Manila

Calling all bloggers and aspiring bloggers, Consumer Electronics Live Manila, in cooperation with, presents the “mini-iBlog Summit”.

On November 15, 1-4 pm, guest bloggers will be presenting their featured topics:

The event will start with a welcoming remarks from JJ Disini of and will be hosted by Janette Toral of .Venue will be held at World Trade Center, CEL Stage Area.

For more information, visit and register to get free entrance!

To learn more about iBlog.Org, visit

Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend that was

I was busy last Saturday while Sunday I was able to relax...a little.

Saturday at around 8-9am I went to the gym together with my friends. It's been a long time since I hit the gym and my arms are still sore. I sweat a lot in about 20 minutes that I'm on the treadmill and stepper. I decided to do my hip-hop abs routine at home at least once a week and then hit the gym on Saturdays so as not to feel this soreness and body aches again.

After the gym I ate my lunch at home, took a shower and head off to visit my sister in the hospital. I was there for 4-5 hours while my father went home to eat and take a bath. Once my father is back I only stayed for a few more minutes before going home. It was windy that day due to Pepeng. We are hoping that within this week she will be able to recover and her platelet count will be normal again.
The whole Sunday I was mostly inside our house. Since the weather is better compared the day before, I immediately wash our small laundry items. After which I just watch TV and play Wedding Dash on the laptop...hehehe. Hubby was in a deep slumber during those hours.

Early evening we went to Shopwise for our grocery shopping. I was surprised that most of the canned goods are gone. There are a few canned items that are being restocked by the employees. And I thought that the "panic buying" is only applicable to those areas that got flooded.

I sleep early last night while Randiej is ironing our clothes :) That's his usual task and I must admit that his better in ironing than me...hehehe. He really exerts extra time in making sure that the clothes are in perfect shape before putting it on a hanger while me on the other hand is the shortcut version of his ironing...ahahaha!

Can't wait for the weekend to come again ;)

Having a Car

There are times that I want to have my own driver seat where I will be free and in control of the steering wheel especially if I want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. I even asked a college friend of mine who recently bought a brand new Honda Civic City 2009. She told me that Toyota Vios is cheaper and the Toyota Innova is almost the same price of the Honda car she bought. I wish I can buy one today if I have the money. I can have the luxury to drive myself and hubby from Makati to Tagaytay and vice versa.

Or I can opt to purchasing used cars which is not a bad idea as well. Let me start exercising a positive mantra in having an automobile then a house of our own! Think positive....think cars...think houses...think future.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mighty Proud

Snag this design from Mark's website, an Ateneo graduate and a freelance graphic designer. He created this:

Spread nationalism!

My other sister is sick

Yesterday I went home early. I have to go under time since I have to visit my youngest sibling at the hospital. Wednesday night I received a SMS from my brother telling me that they are in the hospital and that my sister is seriously sick. What we all thought that it was a common fever brought about by the flood and rains due to the storm but it's not.

Through the blood tests the doctors found out the platelets of my sister are way low than normal. It's supposed to be 150 but hers was on 88. She was admitted thinking that it could be "dengue".

She's under observation; the doctors are waiting for other symptoms of dengue like bleeding and they are normalizing her platelet count before she can go home. When we were there yesterday my mom told me that there's an improvement since she smiles and talks and laughs probably because we are there (me, hubby, my aunt and brother). She even wanted to borrow my mobile phone so she can play games. Although she's still dizzy and can't stand without support, she eats little by little unlike before where she doesn't want to eat or take anything and preferred to just have an injection (that's the story of my mom).

Will visit her again this weekend. Before we left, a nurse came to have a sample of her blood. This will be the 2nd time that they will check her platelets. Hopefully there will be good news today once the blood test is release. I will feel a lot better if she's back at home back to her normal self.

(P.S.) My aunt was trying to take a photo of my sister in her hospital bed but people said that it's prohibited since it's a catholic hospital run by priests and nuns.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Sister

“For there is no friend like a sister,
in calm or stormy weather,

to cheer one on the tedious way,
to fetch one if one goes astray,

to lift one if one totters down,
to strengthen whilst one stands.”

- Got this You've Got a Friend QP design from LorieM which I downloaded here.
- The word art comes from Wild Sorbet Kit that I downloaded here.
-The frame is from Shabby Princess's Spontaneous Delight that I downloaded here.