Monday, September 7, 2009

Working Today

Last Friday, Malacañang made an announcement that September 7 will be a special non-working holiday this is due to the burial of Inglesia ni Cristo's Executive Minster Erańo “Ka Erdy” Manalo.

Unfortunately our office decided that we will be reporting for work due to our US visitors who came from our head office. Apart from that we are required to wear formal/business attire from Monday to Wednesday during the guests visit.

The good thing about reporting for work today is that you have additional 30% on your salary ;) Not to mention that the main streets are traffic-free thus I will be able to go home early :)

As much as possible I'm trying to keep the September month free from leaves since I have to maintain the 150 average working hours otherwise I have to render additional hours in the coming days or month. I wonder how much is my working hours from July till this month...

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